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21 Amazing Geeky Balloon Sculptures

There was the time when we were impressed with the clown that makes us giraffe balloon sculpture. Over the years we get immune on balloon tricks and we get the clown phobia for no reason. However, once you see today geeky balloons i believe you’ll get nostalgic about the years that run away and you’ll wish to have few of the balloons from the list on your own personal collection… Let’s start:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Dinosaur Skeleton


Half of the Avengers

Super Mario



Nyan Cat






  1. Samuel Jeffery says:

    I grew up playing with Ninja Turtles 🙂

  2. I have been interning on Assateague Island in Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge as an eenadgernd shorebird monitor. We work on the beach out there 7 hours everyday. There are a staggering amount of balloons on this island and the ones in the area. The current and winds bring many strandings here and balloons are probably the most common. When driving up the beach about 8 miles to survey for birds I counted over a hundred balloons! 120 from what I was able to see. With 7 of them washing in from the waves. There were only about 8 other things I saw that weren’t balloons making it a 1:16 ratio of other debris to balloons. It is unbelievable and it has to stop! : (

  3. I had my first hot air ballooning excnireepe today. I’d bought the excnireepe as a gift for my father. We, along with another 8 or so people, and the pilot took to the skies over York, England and had an amazing time. I was quite apprehensive of the flight at first, but settled in rather quickly The excnireepe is a must for aspiring photographers, as the sights you’ll see are absolutely unparalleled. It’s the only way to get such good pictures of a beautiful city like York. I’d definitely do it again. I’ll probably upload many of my pictures to my blog too.Mac.

  4. so cool to have a balloon fevistal! Very nice photos you have there, it sounds like lots of fun and i love how colourful they are! I went on a hot air balloon in Egypt, some remote part and we took off slightly before sunrise, it was absolutely gorgeous! *expensive too* its a good thing you have a balloon fevistal, i didnt think of it as a sport but its a once in a lifetime thing.Nice blog

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